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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dedderz "Trick or Treat" (feat. Nuke Puke 'Em)

Super Tromette, Nuke's Trick or Treat bag is full of sickly sweet stuff from the Dedderz Secret Studio Floor! Happy Halloween, mutantz!


Saturday, September 16, 2017


Dedderz Dreadcasting in the Ded-Zone, streaming the best of the best Shock Rockin’ Elect-Chronic sound waves of Dread! More slime, cyborgs and pizza sluts to come!!  

All new Dread Waves coming….Stay tooned! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified. 


- Vid and Nuke  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day of the Dedderz | Laser Highway DJ Mix | Darkwave/ Synthwave/ Cyberpunk

Dedderz DreadJockeyz 'Day of the Dead / Halloween' DJ Mix - A Special Treat - (Originally performed at Laser Highway, Forgotten Worlds, Melbourne, March 19th, 2016)


Queen - Ming's Theme

Christine - Escape From New York (Christine Remix)

Irving Force - Helicopter Chase

Judge Bitch - Thunderground

Vogel - Night City – (Makeup and Vanity Set Remix)

Carpenter Brut - Run, Sally, Run!

Mythical Vigilante - The Mind Manipulator's Murder Disco

Glitch Black - Damage Control

Megahit - Laser Disco Riot

mitch murder - Moment Of Clarity

Cluster Buster - Hypovolemic Shock

Perturbator - Satanic Rites

Perturbator - Nightmare Interlude

GosT - Ripper

Kid Quasar  - VhexcesS

Terrorvizion – Creator

New Arcades - Find a Way

Power Glove - Maximum Potential

Lazerhawk - Underworld (Legend of Zelda Remix)

Christine - Profondo Rosso

More Than A Crush - Bachelor of Hearts

Level –1 - Dive In VR

Square Tune Magician - Tortues Ninja (TMNT)

Dan Terminus - Solar Maxima

David Hasselhoff  - True Survivor (From “Kung Fury)

Dance with the Dead - Gremlins Theme

GosT - Reign In Hell (Dance with the Dead remix)

Python Blue - Cold Wars

Dedderz Vid Vicious 2.0 Skull artwork by Blood & Chrome.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dedderz - She's So Rad (Feat. VHS Dreams) ⚡ Official Video ⚡

Here lies the Official Video to Dedderz New Single 'SHE'S SO RAD (feat. VHS Dreams)' from the album Masterz of Dreadwave - Out Now!

From the totally excellent, Synthwave track ‘She’s So Rad’ by Dedderz, featuring VHS Dreams of Future 80s Records comes a most RAD video clip collaboration. 

Dedderz team up with Rad Universe and Rolly Rocket, and pay homage to the RAD women in cinema from the 80s and 90s. 

’She’s So Rad’ is the second single from the album ‘Masterz of Dreadwave’, a collaboration from Dedderz and the world's most credible Synthwave artists.


Find the album ‘Masterz of Dreadwave’ via iTunes

or listen to the album on Spotify

or download the song via Bandcamp


Music by Dedderz (feat. VHS Dreams)

Video by Rad Universe

Logo Designs by Rolly Rocket

Monday, March 27, 2017

Dedderz feat. Gost - Don't Panic (Official Video)

Dedderz Release First Official Video Clip 

Formed in 2011, having almost 20,000 loyal and dedicated followers across social media, the first official clip from Dedderz has been long awaited. The clip ‘Don’t Panic’, is the first single off the exclusive iTunes and Spotify album, Masterz of Dreadwave, and has been edited by highly skilled film editor/director and music producer, Emeric Levardon.

Dedderz collaborated with Dark Wave producer Gost to give their followers a hard hitting track, with big beats, dirty, cut up base lines, with a French synth wave style, all melded together with the punk, rap style vocals from Nuke Puke’Em.

Featured on the album are some of the finest artists from the Synth Wave genre, including Irving Force, Python Blue and VHS Dreams, along with many more. 

Nuke Puke’Em from Dedderz has said “Collaborating with these artists has really seen Dedderz reach a new level of potential. This album is truly, what i feel to be the best we’ve ever done.”

The clip is available to watch now via
Purchase Masterz of Dreadwave via iTunes and Spotify. 

Check out the work of Emeric Levardon here


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Camera by Daniel Sievert & Craig 'Citizen Clone' Sue.
Directed by Manek Deboto & Nuke Puke 'Em.
Edited by Emeric Levardon / Hollywood Burns

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