Dedderz Come_Alive Album OUT NOW!

VideoWorld: The Comic Book & Soundtrack OUT NOW from Hologram House


Mutant Generated & Dedderz Related Newz

Mutant Generated & Dedderz Related Newz

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

NewRetroWave & Chill with Souls On Ice

NewRetroWave & Chill with Souls On Ice - The Newly reZ-erected track by Dedderz & Python Blue - A match made in heaven & hell.

Dedderz - Souls on Ice (feat. Python Blue) NOW PLAYING on the popular NewRetroWave YouTube Channel.

SOULS ON ICE (Feat. Python Blue) from the Dedderz EP, CLASS of 2099: Yearbook of the Programmed Damned - DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dedderz COME_ALIVE - New Album OUT NOW

DEDDERZ COME_ALIVE! Featuring Gost - Irving Force - VHS Dreams - Python Blue - Cluster Buster- Ron Cannon - Batch Sound - Rolly Rocket - BLOOD + CHROME - Chris Faccone

Listen to the Entire Dedderz Album MixTape Stream Now on Soundcloud:…/come_alive-album-mixtape

Download the Dedderz tracks on bandcamp:

This Album is Dedicated to the Weird-Wonderful Eye of David Bowie - Lazarus COME_ALIVE! [Rest in Pixels Starman]

Dedderz Official Bandcamp:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dedderz COME_ALIVE Album PREVIEW Feat. GosT, Cluster Buster, VHS Dreams

Album Preview of 'COME_ALIVE' the New Album (Mixtape) by Dedderz, Featuring NEW MUSIC by DEDDERZ with COLLABORATIONS & REMIXES BY: GosT / Cluster Buster / Irving Force / VHS Dreams / Batch Sound / Python Blue, Ron Cannon & More!

Stay Tooned 4 Full Album Stream Coming Soon...

Follow Dedderz New Soundcloud:

Artwork by Blood & Chrome. Logo by Rolly Rocket.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Dedderz on Synthetix.FM Halloween Mixtape

The 3rd Annual Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape has arrived! This year's mixtape honour's the recently departed Wes Craven and his classic horror experience The Hills Have Eyes. Make this the ultimate soundtrack to your most terrifying Halloween over nearly five hours and 68 tracks!!!

Featuring New Dedderz track, RAVAGE!!! Coming in on the mix at 2:41 (2hrs 41mins)

Click the link below to hear Ravage now!

Synthetix.FM: The 3rd Annual Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape

Monday, October 19, 2015



Worlds are colliding as a Team-Up of epic proportions is happening, along with Dedderz, it includes freakster synth masters, GOST, CLUSTER BUSTER, KICK PUNCHER, & Many More!!

Several months ago Nuke n’ I entertained the idea of rebooting our weird-wired world of Dedderz, putting word out for music collaborators to team up with us and see our new vision thru…

Extremely ecstatic to announce that the almighty 'GosT' has come on board to produce a Dedderz track with us… and let me tell ya, its sounding freakin' massive!

Already we have some awesome Dedderz co-productions & remixes under our interplanetary belt from the likes of CLUSTER BUSTER, RON CANNON, PYTHON BLUE, BATCH SOUND, and the Future 80’s & Future City crews…

... plus more on the new-retro way from KICK PUNCHER, THE FOREIGN, NIKY NINE, ABSOLUTE VALENTINE, TERRORVIZION, SQUARE TUNE MUSICIAN, & CITIZEN CLONE... with more surprises to be announced soon!

Not only that, artists supreme, ROLLY ROCKET and BLOOD & CHROME are delivering some truly stellar artwork to compliment these most triumphant soundz… 
If anyone is still interested in being part of all the rage, and trying their hand & synth at producing or remixing a track, there is still time, so make sure n’ drop us a line… we'd love to hear from you! 

For Dedderz Enquiries email:
DedderZ: ‘Masterz of Dreadwave’ iz the next chapter & phase for Nuke n’ I in the rize of Dedderz world… Stay tuned, folks! Same ded-time, same ded-channel wink emoticon