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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Saturday, November 26, 2016

APOCALIPSTICK the Unreleased DITC Album

Dead Inside the Chrysalis 'Apocalipstick' the previously unreleased DITC / Dedderz album

Track Listing:

Light Years of Our Lives
Video Dreams
Unusual Parties
My Chaperone
Call Girl
Sword & Sorcery
Last Splash Poolside Romance
Retro Heaven In Love
Promenade of Chandeliers
Hand That Held Me Down
Future Hall of Fame
Arcadia (Has Turned 2 Rust)

Just out of interest & nostalgia, to the 100’s & 1000’s of DEAD INSIDE THE CHRYSALIS fans out there… this woulda been the likely track listing for DITC’s sophomore album, APOCALIPSTICK,  after the Humanoid Expansion Pack album, Night of the Spider-Punks EP & Class of 2099 EP. (DiTCh’s Who Killed Entertainment? album was a reissue collection with b-sides – for a limited run live-only release.)

Apocalipstick woulda been an epic album  if it hadda seen the light of day – you can hear the demo versions on the insane and Great 88 track album The Ultimate Humanoid Expansion Power-Pack [The Dedfinitive Collection] – OUT NOW Streaming!

I, Manek Deboto, was working on some amazing artwork with artist, Harriet Birks, inspired by Roger Dean’s album art.

Unfortunately, we never got to realise the awesome vision for the ApocaLipstick release, due to the nature of the beast… but ahh digress…

Moving right along, got some awesome Dedderz releases in the works for 2017 – music & comics are our main focus for 2017, right Nuke?!  Please help to keep us focused on our path to infamy & distortion – ADD is both a dick-curse & a bitch-blessing!

My PET Alien Hand Salutes You!

-- Manek Deboto, the Modem (to the ‘other’ other-side)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Volume 2 update! Ft. Dedderz

Dedderz music features in the latest trailer update from the Troma movie, Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Volume 2, directed by Lloyd Kaufman.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dedderz & Alice Cooper on Ask Alice 15: Cover Bands

Alice Cooper mentions Dedderz / Dead Inside the Chrysalis in his latest webcast, ASK ALICE, with their epic cover / video-clip of the heavy metal classic, Poison, coming in at 3:49 - scope it out!

Thanks for the mention Alice! My Pet Alien Hand Salutes You! -- Manek Deboto, Dedderz

On Set shooting Poison - with Manek Deboto / ViD ViCiOUS 2.0 & the Mutant Generation - Photos by Tony Mott
Dead Inside the Chrysalis - Apocalipstick

Manek Deboto - the Manek Behind the Mask ;) 

Dead Inside the Chrysalis - Humanoid Expansion Pack (Ultimate Edition) - featuring DITC's cover of Alice Cooper's Poison - OUT NOW!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dedderz - Souls on Ice (Neon Valley KVlt mix) - Scratch Video

Bonus track available for download in Dedderz' Future CORPSe Fan Club on Bandcamp

Follow Neon Valley kVlt on Soundcloud: 

Scratch Video by My Pet Zombie M.D. Footage RIPped from various movies & videos... (Tales form the Crypt, Sorority House Massacre II, My Science Project, Bad Channels, & The Beyond, Dedderz & Videodrome)

Dedderz Vid & Nancy-X Illustration by Steve Pugh. 

Dedderz - On Your Level (feat. Batch Sound) - Lyric Scratch Video

Videoclip compiled by My Pet Zombie MD featuring footage from Galaxy Rangers followed by Rock & Rule then elements of Heavy Metal, Starchaser, Arcee from Transformers & end scene from Magnus Robot Fighter.

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