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Videoworld The Motionless Picture ComicBook - OUT NOW!

Videoworld The Motionless Picture ComicBook - OUT NOW!
Videoworld The Motionless Picture ComicBook - OUT NOW!

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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Monday, September 30, 2019

Dedderz - Pleasure Device (Feat. Neoslave) [RoboErotic Visualiser]

For Use On All Your Favourite Pleasure Devices... Jack In Jerk-Off! ;)

iTUNES / Apple Music: 

Visuals ripped without permission but with respect to FULL MOON FEATURES & SURRENDER CINEMA - Now Streaming! Cover Image taken from VIRTUAL ENCOUNTERS 2.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Troma Tuesdays Screen 'Def By Temptation' in Canada & Australia w/ Dedderz Live on April 30th

Troma Tuesdays In Toronto, CA & Sydney, AU
Now Showing 
'Def by Temptation' on April 30th at 9 PM!

New York, NY- April 26, 2019 
Greetings from Tromaville!

This succubus will suck you dry! And also kill you!
A former minister disillusioned with Christianity and his childhood friend, an aspiring actor, reunite in New York City at a local bar, where one of them has also met a gorgeous woman eager to spend the night with him. Little do they know, she's a bloodthirsty, man-killing succubus who's just caught a lonely spider in her web... and the friends must save each other before they become her next meal!

Written and directed by James Bond III (that is his real name, yes), filmed by Ernest Dickerson (cinematographer of Do The Right Thing), starring Samuel L. Jackson in one of his first acting roles, Kadeem Hardison, the late and great Bill Nunn, and a killer theme song by Freddie Jackson, 'Def by Temptation' is one of the most influential and original black horror films of all time, and now it's being screened for the first time in years!

The Grand Gerrard Theatre is screening for free, and The Vanguard is charging only $5! Australian attendees will be treated with live music by Dedderz! It's going to be one HELL of a time!
Lloyd Kaufman's 'Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Volume 2' is also screening at the Film Noir Cinema from April 26th to May 2nd, with the director in attendance on Friday, April 26th to Saturday, April 27th!

Established in 1974 by Yale friends Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, Troma Entertainment is arguably the longest-running independent movie studio in North America, and it's one of the very few genuine brand names in the industry. World famous for movie classics like Kaufman's "The Toxic Avenger", Trey Parker's "Cannibal, the Musical", "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead", "Class of Nuke 'em High", Charles Kaufman's "Mother's Day" and "Tromeo & Juliet", Troma's seminal films are now being remade as big-budget mainstream productions by the likes of Brett Ratner, Richard Saperstein, Akiva Goldsman and Steven Pink. Early work of many of today's luminaries  can be found in Troma's library of 1000 films, cartoons, TV shows and shorts. Jenna Fischer, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Costner, Fergie, Vincent D'Onofrio, Samuel L. Jackson, James Gunn and Eli Roth are just a few. Troma's latest in house productions are "Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volumes 1 & 2". Troma's Blu-rays, DVDs, books, t-shirts and movie merchandise can be purchased at Tromashop. Please visit Troma at,


Sunday, April 14, 2019


International Troma Tuesdays: "Story of a Junkie" with Dedderz >> APRIL 23RD >> Dedderz LIVE on TROMA TUESDAYS at THE VANGUARD SYDNEY!!!! Starts at 7PM! Dedderz are honoured to be apart of this special event, performing a toxeriffic set on the night! Tickets are $5!!! If you’re in Sydney come on down to @thevanguardnewtown
#dedderz #troma #thevanguardnewtown #sydney #tromatuesdays


International Troma Tuesdays is now here!

We've teamed up with Troma Entertainment to bring you a bi-monthly film event like no other- we're joining forces with venues across the world to bring you many nights of thrills and chills!

This revolting romp of an evening will feature a live performance from Dedderz- the electronic/punk duo has been working with Troma for over a decade and will be in the house to get us going with their freaky trans-dimensional vibes.

Entry's just a fiver, and our first ITT event will be a screening of the Troma classic 'Story of a Junkie'.

- - - - - - -

'Story of a Junkie'

During the 1980s, Manhattan wasn't all about partying, making money and living the good life. For John Spacely it is a much darker time, as his focus quickly spirals from seeking his fortune in the city to feeding his heroin addiction.


Dedderz supporting Darkcell Album Launch Newcastle w/ From Love to Violence & Evocatus Sat. 27th APRIL 

Dedderz LIVE with Darkcell at The Cambridge Hotel !! Come smash some robots and support Independent Music!! #dedderz #troma #livemusic #newcastle 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Dedderz track, Neon (feat. Python Blue) features on the Synthaid 2018 charity album put together by the kind folks at Steel City Collective in aid of the ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE FUND - give a little for a great cause and some great tunes! THE POWER OF THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS! #thepowerisyours

Check out the SYNTHAID 2018 'Lunar Halo' album feat. Dedderz here:

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dedderz Track ROLEMODELS on Demolition Derby 3 mobile game

"Demolition Derby 3" by Beer Money Games OUT NOW on Android (and coming to iOS pretty soon)! Dedderz are super excited to be apart of this!! Check out our track ‘RoleModels’ with Maks Simchenko on Demolition Derby 3!! Download it for freeeeeeee! 🚗

• Play "Demolition Derby 3" for free:…

• Listen to the "Demolition Derby 3" Soundtrack featuring Dedderz:

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