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Videoworld The Motionless Picture ComicBook - OUT NOW!
Videoworld The Motionless Picture ComicBook - OUT NOW!

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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dedderz - Souls on Ice (Neon Valley KVlt mix) - Scratch Video

Bonus track available for download in Dedderz' Future CORPSe Fan Club on Bandcamp

Follow Neon Valley kVlt on Soundcloud: 

Scratch Video by My Pet Zombie M.D. Footage RIPped from various movies & videos... (Tales form the Crypt, Sorority House Massacre II, My Science Project, Bad Channels, & The Beyond, Dedderz & Videodrome)

Dedderz Vid & Nancy-X Illustration by Steve Pugh. 

Dedderz - On Your Level (feat. Batch Sound) - Lyric Scratch Video

Videoclip compiled by My Pet Zombie MD featuring footage from Galaxy Rangers followed by Rock & Rule then elements of Heavy Metal, Starchaser, Arcee from Transformers & end scene from Magnus Robot Fighter.

Dedderz - Cyborg Academy (feat. Python Blue) - Scratch Video w/ Lyrics

One more tonight, for Friday night friends of CLASS OF 1999 & Billy Idol and maybe Atari Teenage Riot? & of course Python Blue , Future 80's &Dedderz 

(scratch footage ripped from Class of 1999, Billy Idol's Cyberpunk, Alice Cooper & Twisted Sister, Jacko's 'I'm an Individual', Johnny Mnemonic,  ALIENATOR and The Ramones Rock n' Roll High School)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dedderz - Souls on Ice (feat. Python Blue) - Lyric Video

SOULS ON ICE - Music & Lyrics by Dedderz - Produced by Python Blue - From the Dedderz album, MASTERZ of DREADWAVE - OUT NOW on iTunes

Also available on the Dedderz 'Class of 2099: Yearbook of the Programmed Damned' [EP] - OUT NOW on the Official Dedderz Bandcamp

Follow Dedderz & Listen to the Dedderz: Masterz of Dreadwave mega mixtape - Now Streaming on the Official Dedderz Soundcloud

Footage taken from various movies & videoclips - copyright their respective creators. (Scratch video footage includes scenes ripped from Friday 13th, Michael Jackson's Ghosts, The Beyond, Trick or Treat, Nightmare: Atmosfear Interactive Video board-game, Bad Channels, My Science Project, Brain Damage, & Oblivion)

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