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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vid Vicious in the Year 2099

"I'm too old 4 this shit" Sayz Vid Vicious 2.0 when asked about his recent performance at last weeks Dedderz Live Show!
Photo by: Citizen Craig

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dedderz Live First Sighting 2013

Lee Launay, Karen Blackall & Amanda Jessop nabbed the first shots of Dedderz Live at the Wall on Saturday...  Excellent shots, friendz! Check back here soon for more exploits from Dedderz first live show for 2013!!! 

Elephant Men Shaky Kane Dedderz Joystixx

I love the idea of a Grant Morrison haunted comic, but Image Comic's 'Elephant Men' #46 by Richard Starkings & Shaky Kane features a cavalcade of hidden Dedderz & Joystixx codex sure-set to time-fry your mindz onto the 'other' other-side...

Set in Future L.A. the book is plastered with shots of Dedderz Ultimate Cyberpunk - Vid Vicious 2.0,  the Radio-Active Girl Next Door - Nuke Puke 'Em  & a host of other Dedderz / Joystixx references to spark the warped imagination.

Take a look of some of the B&W shots here & grab a full colour copy from your local comic-book dealer! (Kings Comics in Sydney - How about a sponsorship guys?? ;)

Image Comics -

"I'm not an animal, I'm a human been!" -- Dedderz

Obsolete the Video Punk Speaks

And Now... A past tranz-mission from the mouth of Dedderz own 'Obsolete the Video-Punk'!

Obsolete the Video Punk Sayz, "If you're receiving this tranz-mission, than our worst fears are as suspected... The Human Race has been Erased! The Human Being as we once knew it.. does not exist! Life is nothing more than some washed-up TV soap opera."

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dedderz Drink Kiss Destroyer Beer

Whilst Rehearsing, Dedderz' Vid Vicious 2.0 likes to suck on a Kiss Destroyer Beer... 

Dedderz Originz Vid Vicious AUDIO ADVENTURE

Dedderz Originz: Vid Vicious 2.0 - 

Click Here to Hear The Ultimate Mix -


The Secret of Stereo City [Intro]
No Way (Outta Here)
Pop the Video Pill
Protect the Server
[Network X Ad Break]
Ghetto Blast Ya!!!

To be continued... 

Get Familiar with this Audio Adventure, Zero-Heroes... 
EXPERIENCE it LIVE at the Wall, Sydney, Sat 16 Feb 2013,  (the Bald Faced Stag, Leichardt) THIS SATURDAY! 

Grammy Album of the Year Master

Congrats to friend, William Bowden, for winning a goddamn Grammy last night! pictured here with Gotye. Will has mastered a bunch of Dedderz tracks including Dead Inside the Chrysalis' Humanoid Expansion Pack, Class of 2099 EP, Night of the Spider-Punks, & Citizen Clone's Infinity City EP! Indeed William Bowden is a master!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sputnik VS Dedderz Remixing Electronic DNA

The ALL-NEW Sigue Sigue SPUTNIK Electronic DNA Remixes Album is OUT NOW! Featuring an ALL-NEW Mutant Generated REMIX by the Pet Alien Hand of DEDDERZ' Mutant Master Blaster, MANEK DEBOTO >> X-PERIENCE MUTATION the SPUTNIK Way with ELECTRONIC DNA!!! 

Featuring Remixes by Leaether Strip CL , Dark Nebula, Kant Kino, Manek Deboto, Psychopomps, Mark Standley, Paul Hammond, Greg Nouveau, Goteki, Skinflick, Lloyd Price, Marco Zambrano and Mr. Sharman. 15 tracks of superb takes of the Electronic DNA album!! Download available NOW!!

Go to to get yours!

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