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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joystixx Go BAD !

Joystixx Go BAD !

Listen to BAD Channel's 15 Minutes Waste of FAME MEga MiX !

This month sees rebel static-spinners BAD Channel, Team-Up with JoyStixx, those DJS of Superhuman Size & Strength, in a X-Over Amalgamation of epic proportions !

A sinister partnership between evil, soul-sucking corporations, EXORTEK / ZORP and DREAMEGA, sends BAD Channel reeling into the disintegrating virtual dark arcade dimension of JoyStixx.*

*See Joystixx THE BOGUS DEVASTATION MELTDOWN OF 1990. (Audio Adventure)

Bad Channel were reportedly seen spinning discs in reverse in an effort to make contact with the other side…

However, their digital back masking hi-jinx turned their world inside out, causing a rift between dimensions, phasing into a confusing cross-road snuff-stream and sending them spinning into the slime-meridian portal time-stream thru to the virtual slip-stream of DREAMEGA’S Arcade, where the Children of the Arcade, JoyStixx reside.

Immediately, the 2 teams of dread-jockeys lock heads and bang-on with each other, before realising they are on the same side…

Now, their only chance of escape is to team-up and take down the mysterious big-headed-boss-man who is encaging them in the Dark Arcade Parlour…

Thru a chance bonus round, the heroes are upgraded…

BAD Channel & Joystixx eject out of control thru a virtual reality wormhole, finding themselves on Earth, in Stereo City to be exact – Homeworld of DEDDERZ.

However, crossing between the slip streams twisted their forms and amalgamated their bodies into a new form of merged mega-madness…

Now, its game on as these JOYSTIXX GONE BAD find themselves amidst a new level of perilous adventure, taking to the streets of present day Stereo City in their newly formatted bodies…


YOU CAN WITNESS JOYSTIXX GO BAD ! FOR YOURSELF … as they play along side DEDDERZ in the Live Action Stage Show, that sees the tranz-dimensional power-pack launching their latest audio adventure album, CrashLand, in a debutant showcase performance… taking place in Sydney at THE BURDEKIN (2 Oxford Street) on Friday 29th June, 2012.


Listen to BAD Channel's 15 Minutes Waste of FAME MEga MiX !

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