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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Friday, October 25, 2013

Life on the DethGrid

In the Not-Too-Distant Future... 

The virtual planet of TranZsister Oblivion, corrupted by the Keepers of the Shadow Modem.

Learning that the Exortek Are Indeed Among Us, Dedderz Fight Back with their Audio Ooze... 


COMING SOON CrashLand 2.0: Beyond the Last Citadel

CrashLand 2.0: Beyond the Last Citadel is coming soon from Hologram House & Electricult Records. A Director's Cut Extended Edition of last years audio adventure...

Dedderz 'CrashLand' is Out Now on iTunes - 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dedderz Keep Good Company

Join Dedderz Future Corps Today

Johnny Future & the Boys Say, "Join us on the Streets of 2099 in the Future Hall of Fame, Class 0f 2099! JOIN DEDDERZ' FUTURE CORPS[e] TODAY!" 

Fame Is Socially Bored Says Video Vicious

Girl in the Machine Lyric Video by Dedderz

From Dedderz' New Album, Bio-Punk Identity Kit - Out Now via Electricult on Bandcamp!

Pleasure Device Lyric Video by Dedderz

From Dedderz' New Album, Bio-Punk Identity Kit - Out Now via Electricult on Bandcamp!

Listener Reaction to Dedderz Bio Punk iD Kit

"Dedderz' Bio-Punk Identity Kit has helped me become more successful in life. I highly recommend it" -- Unknown Celebrity

Get Your Copy Today, Mutant! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dedderz on Playmaker

Head on over to Playmaker and read their awesome review on Dedderz new album, The Bio-Punk Identity Kit - Out Now via Electricult.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dedderz Stage Hijack

From Dedderz Ultimate Band Tour Diary (on Tumblr)

In the year 2099… Where celebrity amalgamations are the norm… Stereo City is a hub for freakish genetic splicing gone mad… where the celebrities hyped by the Zorp Corp Fear Wall Mind Controlling Assimilation Agenda,  will do anything for their rabid public… Dedderz first public appearance, is a stage hijack at the Lady Bananirvana mega concert, hosted by the insidious Zorp Corporation… 

More Pics on Dedderz Tumblr

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dedderz Ultimate Band Tour Diary Update

Head on over to Dedderz Ultimate Band Tour Diary on Tumblr - See Dedderz' Celebrity Killers, Vid Vicious 2.0 & Nuke, rehearsing in their simulation studio, Rumble Room... Holo-Tutor, Corey Feldman Goes Nutzoid!

Citizen Clone Debut Album OUT NOW

Half a decade in the making, the debut album, FUTURE MEMORY, from Manek Deboto & Craig Sue's CITIZEN CLONE is out Out Now!

12 Tracks mastered by Grammy Award Winner, William Bowden! Get Your Copy on iTunes Today! 

For all you gear / synth junkies, there's a cool blurb up on Matrix Synth -

Monday, October 14, 2013

Real Mutants: The Story of Dedderz (EPK)

Finally Revealed!!!! Learn the Prime-Originz of Dedderz' Dream Duo, Video Vicious 2.0 & Nancy X! In this audio-visual blaster-feed that we could only call, "REAL MUTANTS: The Story of Dedderz!"


Witness the 1st Audio Appearance of Dedderz' BIO-PUNK IDENTITY-KIT within these visual virtuosities!

Get Yr Bio Punk On for Dedderz NEW ALBUM

DEDDERZ' BIO-PUNK IDENTITY-KIT - The Essential Accessory - Ware It Inside Your Hed!

Listen to the buzz that's feeding back from Dedderz latest audio-output. The Bio-Punk Identity Kit! Download it Direct via the Galaxy's Greatest Record Label, Electricult, on Bandcamp!

Learn the Prime-Originz of the World's Rising Super Rockin' Reality Couple, Vid Vicious 2.0 & Nancy X!

14 Ferocious Traxx, You have to hear it to believe it! Just keep telling yourself... its just a recording.. its just a recording... Includes the songs, SECRET IDENTITIES, PLEASURE DEVICE, & GIRL IN THE MACHINE. Plus a Bonus Audio Adventure from Video Vicious 2.0...

What R U Waiting 4? - GET YR BIO-PUNK ON!!!!


"Half Of Me (Remix)" Music Video from Plush

Dedderz' Collaborate with producer Nick Launay and Ming Vauz on this remix of Half of Me from the movie, PLUSH. Video directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

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