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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Last Citadel - CRASHLAND Pt 2

What Lies Beyond the Last Citadel of Stereo City ?

Out beyond the bad-zones, exceeding the bandwidth of the Cyborg City Limits, and far atop the Hill of Shadows glooming over the Valley of Zeroes & Ones, lies the invisible fortress known only to the finely tuned senses / sensors of those select citizens who choose to see it, as… THE LAST CITADEL. 

Once a lighthouse power-tower generator of great strength, and provider of light-energy to the low-tech community of cyborg-savages and electricity addicted, power-freaks and built by a shadow-society of humane android watchers, The Last Citadel of Stereo City, now stands as a diminished, crumbling, fading memory of once was… 

For when the Exortek Zorp Corporation, thru under-handed and corrupted means, got hold of the keys to the gates of this powered-down  circuit-community of freakers, advertising salvation but quickly running the town into the ground, annihilating its lost community of artists, body hackers and mind-preachers, and converting it’s boundaries into a failed social network of disembodied faced-erased, no-bodies … a ghost-yard if you will…

In turn all those who came to rely on The Last Citadel’s power-sorcery, quickly diminished into a graveyard colony of heavy metal, scrap circuitry and mind-warped dead-wreckoning … 

The Citadel had long since been gutted and tuned into a dead channel of symbiotic sub-hum and radial-active blur…

Legend has it that a lost princess, generated from the combined crystal sands of a kingdom of scanner-freaks… who had, if memory-banks serve correct,  self-imprismed themselves in the highly sensitive super-computer-brain-like attic of the LAST CITADEL ,  in a last ditch effort to escape the Power Corruptors of Zorp, to generate the harmony humming field of hope, chanting a spell, calling upon the Phantom Druids of Quantum Stonehenge thru the VR Dreamasters  of Cyborgs Anonymous… via this they combined a 4th mind from the virtual beyond, dread-casting its Id-remains into an invisible 4th wall of the tower… 

This Dread-Cast,  a harmonic harpy of hope, was known as… KEYGEN The Invisible.

To this day, the Keygen Princess had remained hidden within the fourth walls of  the LAST CITADEL… encrypted in the tower’s fire-wall-screens… she awaits the command of the scanner-elite elders, that were obliterated before that could fully summon her thru the fourth wall of the Slime Meridian Portal…

Her powers of harmony, radiating only a dim-field of low-tech energy-crystals, supplying a diminished source of power to the lucky citizens who embraced her prayers of white noise..

It is said that a secret code of notes, played in the right sequence will release KEYGEN of her Id-Prism..  and that she shall possesses the power of the Shadow Modem… opening star-portals with her mind and summoning magic from the other dimensions…  in the wrong hands this power would be corrupted inconsiderably … and her innocence turned into a curse of dark evil obsession over those she comes in contact with.

This would in turn generate the inconceivable notions of a disharmony over the land and make haste upon the Exortek’s InHumanoid Devoid upon the human race….




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