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Sunday, May 20, 2012

MEGAHED Sayz Read This Article

Serial pranksters are thought to be behind a number of recent disruptions to Sydney’s media.

The hackers, known only as MEGA HED, have been illegally broadcasting messages across community TV and radio stations, and are also suspected of spamming thousands of internet users with hateful emails.

The disruptions have only been minor - with each disturbance not lasting more than a few seconds - but have been enough to irk some. Campbelltown resident Mr Beau Gann was watching a local television station last weekend when the head suddenly appeared on the screen.

“I woz watchin’ Aerobics Oz Style when all of a suddenz the screen flickers and this bloody ugly head pulls isself out the instructor’s right tit and starts screaming like a maniac. ‘Mega Hed sez: You’re all slaves to the Master System!!’ and ‘Mega Hed sez: Mutant Punks must be destroyed!’. I figured it was them work experience kids they always have at those shitty stations playing around or sumfink. Little bastards.”

Partygoers in Sydney’s Kings Cross last Friday night also reported seeing the famous Coke-sign at the start of the red light strip change briefly to show what appeared to be a giant disembodied head screaming vitriol at passers by, the words “MEGA HED SEZ BLOW YR LOADZ!!” flashing in angry red letters at the bottom of the screen. And patrons at a nearby rave claimed that in between sets a large head would appear on the video screens telling those in attendance to masturbate without regard for their fellow man. Police have dismissed all claims as the rantings of horny drugged up loonies. And while they have thus far been unable to track down the persons responsible for the disturbances they are strongly advising people against public acts of self-gratification, with offenders to be punished to the full extent of the law. A bill to put up signs prohibiting the act is to be presented to the NSW Government tomorrow.

Words: Spewy Chunxx

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