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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Elephant Men Shaky Kane Dedderz Joystixx

I love the idea of a Grant Morrison haunted comic, but Image Comic's 'Elephant Men' #46 by Richard Starkings & Shaky Kane features a cavalcade of hidden Dedderz & Joystixx codex sure-set to time-fry your mindz onto the 'other' other-side...

Set in Future L.A. the book is plastered with shots of Dedderz Ultimate Cyberpunk - Vid Vicious 2.0,  the Radio-Active Girl Next Door - Nuke Puke 'Em  & a host of other Dedderz / Joystixx references to spark the warped imagination.

Take a look of some of the B&W shots here & grab a full colour copy from your local comic-book dealer! (Kings Comics in Sydney - How about a sponsorship guys?? ;)

Image Comics -

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