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Videoworld The Motionless Picture ComicBook - OUT NOW!
Videoworld The Motionless Picture ComicBook - OUT NOW!

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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Friday, November 22, 2013

VID VICIOUS GOES TO HELL 2.0 - A Dedderz Live DJ Visual Jam

In the tradition of Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable... comes the artistic purge of Vid Vicious Goes To Hell 2.0 (featuring Dedderz' Manek n' Nuke).

LIVE on the DETH-GRID! Dreadcast Direct from the Phantom Port of Network X -- Your Mutant Generation Super Station... via Dedderz' Electriclub: ACCESS DENIED, TranZ-Dimensional Nightclub Fortress and Featuring the Mutant Generation Super Collective.

Starring Dedderz DreadJockeyz, Manek Deboto as Vid Vicious 2.0 & Nuke Puke 'Em as Cassettra and the Go-Glow Skull Girl Strip Show that is, Trikk.

"Vid Vicious Goes To Hell 2.0"

Featuring tracks by:

Black Matter - Fury
Caspa / Keith Flint - War
Judge Bitch - Thunderground
Perturbator -- I Am the Night
Dedderz / Vid Vicious 2.0 -- Demons [Dedderz Demon ReAnimation]
Brian Wiacek -- Training For Battle (from Manborg: Movie Soundtrack via Astron-6)
Joystixx -- Surf Nazis Must DJ!
Dedderz -- Bandwidth Exceeded
Ethan Hurt & Dedderz - Nuke 'Em! (feat. Nuke Puke 'Em)
(from Return To Nuke 'Em High via Troma)
Full Moon Features - Trancers / Future Cop Theme

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All other content copyright their original creators.

Visual ReAnimations by MY PET ZOMBIE.

Future Freak Fashion by SUICIDE SALON -

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