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Sunday, July 20, 2014

JOYSTIXX The Video Game

Children of the Arcade, Joystixx -
DJs of Superhuman Size & Strength in 32 or 64 Bit CyberFr666kin' Action!!!???
Now, wouldn't that be totally cool?

For those of you who came in late, Joystixx are the Ultra-Altered Egos of Dedderz - saving the Arcadians who are stuck in the disintegrating realms of the augmented hell-zone that is DREAMEGA Arcade, from the data-corrupted William Doors and his sinister Slave-Stations [TM].

Joystixx have been missing for some time since the Bogus Devastation Meltdown of 1990 - Since the Exortek ZORP Corporation had a hand in funding the mega-virtual-reality playset of DREAMEGA, one has to wonder if the savage Maxx Beta & Cassettra (AKA Player Zero & Player One) will return someday... 

In the meantime, tune into Joystixx Audio Strategy Guides - a list of them below:

The last we heard from Joystixx was in the form of the self-titled, 10 track digi-beast, released via Electricult, the Galaxy's Greatest Record Label - Fully Downloadable! All proceeds from this album go toward saving the Arcadians from total annihilation. Help us Playerz, you're our only hope... 

JOYSTIXX - (10 Track Album)


Video Nasty / Enter the Arcade / Play Or Die! / Outta Control / The Bogus Devastation Meltdown of 1990 / Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way / Shout... Until U Distort! / Totally Excellent / Crystal Hearts / Access Denied

Check out the other releases on  DREAMEGA Records - Joystixx' official bandcamp -

Other Releases Include: 

Joystixx Logo by DW Design.

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