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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Friday, January 16, 2015

GRAND THEFT AUTO TUNES Vol 1 MixTape by Vid Vicious 2.0

*GTA UPDATE >> Now Playing on NETWORK X: The Mutant Generation Super Station...

RIP THIS! VID VICIOUS 2.0 Presents: ‘GRAND THEFT AUTO TUNES’ Vol 1. Compiled by The Real Vid Vicious 2.0 & The Mutant Generation Super-Station *Ripped without permission Tracks and samples taken straight from the pop charts, EDM dance scene and featuring the best of the mutant underground artists... with mash-up vox, original programming, synths n’ VHS samples by ViD ViCIOUS 2.0 & NANCY-X

Music samples taken from Boys Noize, Ke$ha, Defeat, Caspa, Keith Flint, DITC, Cazwell & More!

Hear the entire Dedderz Mix Tape - GRAND THEFT AUTO TUNES Vol 1 by Vid Vicious 2.0 - Featuring Mutant Generation artists, Dedderz, Joystixx, #Cyberstalker, The Real Spider-Punk, Action Figures, Manek Deboto, Nuke Puke 'Em, Vid Vicious 2.0, BAD Channel & More! Play It Now / Play It Loud -

Track Listing:

1 - Ravager
2 - Kick In The Vending Machine
3 - Wet T-Shirt Competition
4 - House of Holograms
5 - Wallstreet Meatloaf
6 - Prime-Time Mega-Bitch
7 - I Wanna Be A Hippy

Visit the official Dedderz World Soundcloud to hear the traxx - 


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