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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day of the Dedderz | Laser Highway DJ Mix | Darkwave/ Synthwave/ Cyberpunk

Dedderz DreadJockeyz 'Day of the Dead / Halloween' DJ Mix - A Special Treat - (Originally performed at Laser Highway, Forgotten Worlds, Melbourne, March 19th, 2016)


Queen - Ming's Theme

Christine - Escape From New York (Christine Remix)

Irving Force - Helicopter Chase

Judge Bitch - Thunderground

Vogel - Night City – (Makeup and Vanity Set Remix)

Carpenter Brut - Run, Sally, Run!

Mythical Vigilante - The Mind Manipulator's Murder Disco

Glitch Black - Damage Control

Megahit - Laser Disco Riot

mitch murder - Moment Of Clarity

Cluster Buster - Hypovolemic Shock

Perturbator - Satanic Rites

Perturbator - Nightmare Interlude

GosT - Ripper

Kid Quasar  - VhexcesS

Terrorvizion – Creator

New Arcades - Find a Way

Power Glove - Maximum Potential

Lazerhawk - Underworld (Legend of Zelda Remix)

Christine - Profondo Rosso

More Than A Crush - Bachelor of Hearts

Level –1 - Dive In VR

Square Tune Magician - Tortues Ninja (TMNT)

Dan Terminus - Solar Maxima

David Hasselhoff  - True Survivor (From “Kung Fury)

Dance with the Dead - Gremlins Theme

GosT - Reign In Hell (Dance with the Dead remix)

Python Blue - Cold Wars

Dedderz Vid Vicious 2.0 Skull artwork by Blood & Chrome.

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