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Dedderz Mutant Generated MOD Newz

Friday, May 29, 2020

Dedderz BAD DREAMS New Single OUT NOW

A Nu Wave of Dread Awakens... In the form of Dedderz new single, “Bad Dreams”.

From the Masterz of Dreadwave comes a sonically sinister bedtime story inspired by recent virtual events - and based on fears forged by nightmarish visions that haunt our everyday existence.

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Embedded with elements of 80’s Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, haunted guitar leads, demon-driving drum design, David Cronenberg-esque body horror movie themes, cyber-fantastical, dark synth Slime & Sorcery, all Id-hanced by the chilling, maniacal, primordial, ecto-plasmic, dream-screams of ‘alien rockstar possessed’ lead singer, Marky Maniax.

Like a lost song from the haunted soundtrack to a Found Footage film featuring your worst nightmares - caught on tape!

Bad Dreams is Dedderz most defining ‘dreadwave’ sounding track to date.
Its Out Now on Dedderz_Discz - Music’s Missing Link!

Thankz 4 Listening, Adios!

- Manek n' Nuke, Dedderz

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